ACCUNIQ® – เครื่องวัดวิเคราะห์องค์ประกอบร่างกาย Body Composition Analyzer  Model : BC360  ” ACCUNIQ ” ( ราคาดีที่สุด เพราะเรา คือ บริษัทตัวแทนจำหน่าย !! )


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เครื่องวัดวิเคราะห์องค์ประกอบร่างกาย Body Composition Analyzer  Model : BC360  ” ACCUNIQ ” ( ราคาดีที่สุด เพราะเรา คือ บริษัทตัวแทนจำหน่าย !! )

ACCUNIQ เครื่องวัดวิเคราะห์องค์ประกอบร่างกาย อันดับ 1 เครื่องวัดวิเคราะห์องค์ประกอบร่างกาย ไขมัน กล้ามเนื้อ กระดูก น้ำ ฯลฯ

Body Composition Analyzers

Studies comparing Accuniq with the gold standard for body water
measurement show extremely high accuracy (correlation coefficient R=0.97)
Reappearance Rate (correlation coefficient R=0.99)
Source: Validity of total body water in impedance (X-SCAN)



With the development of our basic technology that more accurately measures your bodies data our impedance body fat analyzer can truly analyze body composition.

Result Sheet


Product details

· Frequency range: 5, 50, 250 kHz
· Measurement site: Measurement by whole body, site (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, body)
· Size: Body 414 X 636 X 980mm (W x D x H ± 10mm)
· Measurement mode: Body scale mode / Body composition mode
· Various results: Body composition result, pediatric result (optional)
· QR code: Scan the QR code of the LCD and result sheet to send and check the measurement result to the management website


accuniq-imgConsulting program
accuniq-imgUltasnoic Height Meter
accuniq-imgBP Monitor
accuniq-imgAnkle electrode
accuniq-imgSegmental/Result sheet for children
accuniq-imgThermal Printer

Optional parts and software not
considered to be medical devices.

Developed with technology that is faithful to basic necessary qualities

The ACCUNIQ BC360 is a standard impedance body fat analyzer that measures changes in body fat and muscle
Monitor and identify changes in body composition, and ACCUNIQ’s unique measurement technology
Ultrasonic extensometer, ankle electrode, optional Bluetooth communication with wireless interface
We offer more variety of services to our users.

The amount of muscle can be easily viewed live

The amount of muscle that can be seen as the results on the screen live is easy to evaluate and try out the effects of exercise or rehabilitation of people in need of muscle increase such as athletes or rehabilitation patient.

Bluetooth support for connecting to various devices

The device has a Bluetooth function that allows mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablet PCs and transfer measurement data to those devices. When the Bluetooth feature of your mobile device is turned on, once the measurement is finished, the data is transferred even without QR code, hence, you are able to store and manage your measurement data without recognizing or outputting results.