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The integrated mattress for ICU. Optimising patient care.

New smart technology for the prevention of pressure ulcers. The system detects when the patient has entered the bed. This automatically initiates the optimisation process, thereby saving the time normally required for nurses to set the mattress parameters. The mattress settings are automatically optimised for each patient based on the patient’s weight, height, and even the patient’s position on the mattress.

The mattress is equipped with a whole range of sophisticated functions which enhance the therapeutic and preventive effect of the optimised pressure.
OptiCare is fully compatible with ICU beds – Multicare and Eleganza 5.
Your benefits at a glance
Fully-integrated system
OptiCare mattress is compatible with Multicare and Eleganza 5 beds. The controls for both the mattress and bed are integrated into a single control panel built into the bed. The customisable user interface provides the clinical staff with the option to modify the controls on the interface and allows control of only the required features.

Microclimate management (MCM)
Quick and effective CPR
Heel zone
Automatic foot extension
Mattress cover
Sleep mode
Immersion and envelopment